Note: Run WebGL build in chrome. Audio doesn't work in firefox. If webgl takes too long, Windows version is available below. Recommended to run in maximised view. 'E' is only for the Windows build XD

Ranked at #162 out of 700 games in the 3rd Brackeys game jam ( Brackeys game jam 2020.1 )

A sorcerer was praying at the center of the most sacred of temples.....

when suddenly, vengeful spirits came out of no-where. Now the sorcerer must send them back to the depths from whence they came.......

For Brackey's 3rd game jam where the theme was " holes"

Background music made by  Jomakun

( )


Local co-op added

UI has been tweaked

Controls and rules mentioned within game in tutorial section


Android version does not contain co-op. But contains single player

Install instructions

Controls and rules are mentioned in a text file within the main folder.

Please use 7Zip or Winrar for extraction


Sorcer's last stand ( Updated with Co-op ).zip 19 MB
Sorcerer's last stand.apk 26 MB

Development log

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