A downloadable game for Windows

My entry into the GMTK 2019 game jam where the theme was "only one". The game had to be made in a period of 2 days

"Only one pair of platforms" is a DOS-ish brutal platformer where you basically have only one pair of platforms which move themselves upwards at an increasing speed step-by-step and you get points by collecting delicious cherries along the way

It's actually a lot harder than it looks..........trust me. I dare you to get a score above 50.


E = exit game

left and right arrow = move left and right

up arrow = jump   (  press twice to DOUBLE  jump 1!!!)


->    The game will immediately start when you press the up arrow. Until then, the title will flash and you can test movement with the left and right keys  


Don't use Windows Extraction tool. Use 7Zip or Winrar or any other extraction tool you have

after downloading,

- Right click on the zip

-Extract to desired folder 

-Click on application


Only one pair of platforms.zip 14 MB


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I can download the game but I cannot unzip it! When I unzip it the folder is empty. 

Are you sure you can't ? The zip contains the game entirely.There is nothing missing whatsoever. Maybe you could try and unzip again or maybe download again ? 

Windows gives me an unexpected error. I see that the zip file contains it all but after extracting it is empty. I will keep trying. Must be a problem on my end. Feedback to the game follows asap. :) 


I had trouble extracting the zip file as well.
Same unexpected error thrown by windows.

After I downloaded it again and extracted it by right clicking the file and choosing extract, that did the zip extracting without a problem

Unzipping using windows explorer fails for me too. However, 7zip works for me and I was able to run the game successfully.

Thanks for the info! Will check it out again!